Hello Earthlings!

Do we know that Automobiles & Industries has contaminated our mother Earth’s atmosphere, which is causing global catastrophe?

Can you ask a simple question to yourself - Do we have another planet to live in with our beloved family and friends?

We may think – Who cares? Am I affected? Is my Family affected? Is my friends affected? Am I benefitted?

Well, few of us may think in positive way. Do you fall under those with positive thinking? Then…..

In such scenario, can we all take a small amount of initiative to make our mother Earth Go Green again with pure air quality?

We pledge to all our Earthlings and request to join us in this initiative programme to save our mother Earth either as our Distributor or as our Customer.

We are not the largest and nor the Least company. We have taken the initiative to change our mother Earth’s atmosphere, where we live, our family lives, our kids play, and remember all Earthlings that mother Earth is only one in this entire universe.


So Earthlings, if you think you are ready to help our mother earth then only read further……………

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We are looking for dealers and distributors.

Earning Upto 1 to 2 lakhs per month (Guaranteed)

Minimum investment of Rs. 4 lakhs as per locations.

Storage of minimum area of 250 sq.ft to maintain the stock.

500kg to 700 kg goods transporting capacity vehicle for material distribution or at initial stage of your business you can hire small tempo’s which does not charge much more but it is going to hit your profitability.

Office with at least one PC with internet connection, printer, scanner.

Staff minimum of 2 persons

Full-time dedication to this business.

Ability to increase retailer network in this territory.



- Excellent profit margin
- Complete authorization for distribution
- Best possible discounts on products
- Sales based profits
- Ample growth opportunities

Distributors are heartedly invited to join hands with us and get lucrative opportunities to grow in your distribution business. In order to become a part of our organization you need:
- To make an investment of Rs. 4 Lakhs
- To possess good marketing skills
- To have ample space for product storage

Ideal Distributor Profile

TAIYOL LUBRICANTS invites progressive entrepreneurs with a proven track record of taking calculated risks and background of creating successful business in their area of operation.

Professional and smart businessmen with strong business sense, IT knowledge and knowhow of the local market.

Logistics setup – Warehouse space and other necessary infrastructure.

Ability to service and deliver products in large territory assigned.

Good relationship skills & large network in the market.

Ability to work on local marketing and issues arising out of competitive action.

Ability to efficiently manage the sales team in terms of reviews, efforts and workflow planning.

Prior experience in selling/distribution of lubricants and allied products like auto spares or other hardware products is an advantage nut not mandatory.

Understanding of distribution business, especially Funds Rotation and Cash Flow Management.

Financially sound to scale up business by providing enough working capital and other required infrastructure during growth spurt is critical.

Role & Responsibilities:

Work in clearly defined area of operation.

Should not stock/sell competitive brands.

Supply products as per company approved prices.

Purchase initial stock of estimated monthly sales through 100% advance payment.

Business & Growth Prospects:

Indian auto industry is poised for growth and that would result in growth for lubricants. Asia would need high quality and fuel economy lubricants as the OEM hardware is being upgraded. TAIYOL LUBRICANTS as a Go Green Technology Company brings great experience in quality products. A Distributor can expect a minimum 25% year-on-year growth on being associated with TAIYOL LUBRICANTS, based on assessment of opportunity available in the area of operation.

Extensive Distributorship Support:

TAIYOL LUBRICANTS will continuously assist distributors in monitoring & managing their business to make sure that the best business practices get implemented, to run it on profit as well as to have satisfied customers.

Site Selection: The Company will provide distributor with clear guidelines for a suitable location.

Training: The Company will provide complete sales & product training support to introduce the concept and product information to the distributors.

Marketing: The Company will provide national marketing support, thus triggering sales by bringing more business. The Company will also support the distributors in framing local marketing strategies.

Incentives: The Company will declare Annual Target Incentives based on the target achieved by the distributor.

Merchandise: The Company will provide printed materials like brochures, pamphlets, flex banners on cost basis.

Promotions & Events: The Company in association with the distributors will provide assistance in organizing local promotional activities and events.