Bio Oil (Fuel) & Lubricants?


In a world where everyone has the most basic duty of thinking whether the results of their actions will harm the environment in any way, bio fuels have come as quite a boon. When we consider the fact that whatever we have been conventionally using as fuels are exhaustible, we can start to appreciate the importance of bio fuels. There are so many ways that we can harm the environment but there have emerged numerous ways to make sure that the results of our decisions and actions do not prove to be detrimental to the ecosystem.

Discussed below are the advantages of approaching a bio oil and lubricants company in Mumbai without delay.


Air Quality

Due to the fact that the carbon emissions from bio oil (fuel) & lubricants are considerably lower than conventional fuels, we can be sure that the environment that we live in won’t be harmed in any way if we use bio oil (fuel) & lubricants. When we add the fact that it is not only carbon emissions but other harmful emissions as well, we can really start to understand the significance of this kind of fuel. As the air around us starts to become healthier, we will notice that we are able to breathe more easily. After all, the pollution that people have to contend with has been compared to smoking 2 packs of cigarettes per day. As the air quality starts to improve, so does our health and of course, the health of every living being in the environment.

Easy Availability

Another thing about bio oil (fuel) & lubricants is that it is available rather easily. The thing that needs to be understood is that fuels have to be imported from other countries, but when the fuel in question is bio oil (fuel) & lubricants, we know that this kind of fuel can be acquired from local sources. This means that we do not have to worry too much about not getting bio oil (fuel) & lubricants sufficiently or not getting bio oil (fuel) & lubricants at all. The easy availability also means that it is the substitute of other conventional forms of fuel.


Going back to the fact that the wellness of the environment has to be considered at all times, we have to realise that in case we happen to spill bio oil (fuel) & lubricants, we won’t have to worry about the spillage harming the environment. Bio oil (fuel) & lubricants is far less combustible than the conventional fuel, so the chance of the spilt material catching fire is also significantly reduced.

These are some reasons for you to approach a bio oil (fuel) & lubricants company in Mumbai. After all, not only do you get to live healthy, the environment is also left unscathed as a result of using such a form of fuel.


If ever there was one thing that is as imperative as they get, it is the fact that there is a need for industrial and automotive machinery to run smoothly. However, with all the components working in tandem over durations of time, wear and tear is inevitable. This necessitates that we use premium-quality industrial lubricating oils and automotive oils to make sure that the parts are properly lubricated to operate without any hitches. We as a customer must ensure that we get the oils from a reputed company to satisfy us that we have acquired the best.

With that in mind, discussed below are the things that you will need to consider before choosing a lubricant and automotive oil company.




The first thing that we will need to think about is the amount of money we can shell out for the purchase. We would do well to make sure that we are not too close-fisted while allocating the funds as we should always remember that the costs of repair to the machinery can be quite high, as indeed buying new pieces of machinery can be. We would do much better if we made the small expenditure of getting good lubricating and automotive oils to keep the machinery parts running well.



Another important thing that we will have to consider is the reputation of the company. The thing that needs to be understood is that it can be utterly difficult to survive in today’s competitive market if high-quality is not adhered to all the time. On the other hand, if a company as the kind of reputation we are looking for, there are high chances that the company has done enough to earn it. We can count on the company to give us good products and can buy oil from the company.


Research & Reviews

Finally, we will need to make sure that we have done the research to find out which company we should approach. Talk to your family, friends and even trustworthy people from your own industry to get an idea about which is the best company. If you are not satisfied with the responses, you can always use the internet to figure things out. Read the different reviews that people have written on the internet to get a handle on things.

These are the things that you will need to consider when looking for a premium-quality industrial lubricating oil and automotive oil company.

Bio Oil (Fuel) & Lubricants


Hindustan Hydro Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Private Limited (HHCPPL) is specialized in manufacturing and marketing of high quality Industrial and Automotive Bio Oil and Lubricants. Bio Oil is a renewable, clean-burning, replacement of conventional fuels, free from sulphur and best fuel for the environment. HHCPPL bio oils and lubricants are made from a diverse mix of feed stocks including recycled cooking oil, soybean oil and animal fats. This non-petroleum based product can be used as substitute of convention fuel, textile lubricant and industrial heating oil fuel. Bio oil is an environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.


On-Road Vehicles:

All Vehicles having Petrol and Diesel Engine can be powered by Bio Oil without any hassle.

Off-Road Vehicles:

Natural Bio fuel can be used for construction, mining, and farm machinery.

Marine Vessels:

Natural Bio Fuel can be used in marine engines safely. Marine use is especially attractive due to the elimination of any possibility for contamination of waterways.

Stationary Power Generation:

With new power generation capacity coming online, Natural bio fuel makes an attractive choice to meet the regulations. Many stationary applications are permitted sources requiring exhaust emission control system, which will work well with bio fuel but will not work with petrol or diesel fuel.

Boiler Fuel:

With natural gas prices rising high, bio fuel can be substituted easily for natural gas with minor changes necessary to the burner train.

Hybrid Vehicles:

With many states now mandating hybrid electric vehicles (including the fuel cell hybrid), bio fuel will make excellent reforming fuel.

Lubricity Agent/Additive:

Natural bio fuel can also be used as a lubricity agent/enhancer in many applications. It is especially useful in marine applications where water contamination with petroleum lubricity agents can create problems. With the low-sulphur fuel regulation of future, bio fuel can be used as a lubricity additive. A 1-2% bio fuel added to diesel fuel can increase diesel lubricity by 65%.

Fuel Additive:

Bio Fuel can also be used as a petrol and diesel fuel additive for the purpose of keeping the injectors, pumps and other combustion components clean. A 1-2% blend should be sufficient for this purpose.


Hindustan Hydro Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Private Limited (HHCPPL) is pioneer in manufacturing high performance lubricants that meets the advance machine technology and the stringent environment regulations. We keep upgrading our products to provide our customer with extended oil life and to exceed the quality standard set for the industry. Our served industries include marine, power, sugar, steel, coal, cement, railways, defence, aviation, food, construction, mines, engineering, transport etc. The lubricants we produce are extensively tested by professional experts and we take pride in supplying such materials that meet the industry standards to the fullest. The fact that we have years of experience in this domain has made our products widely trusted all over the country. Provided, we use the latest technology as well as mechanism, the lubricating oil we supply is in high demand among numbers of industries as well as domestic sectors.

The direction of skilled professionals has made our service a distinctive affair and helped us become one of the best lubricant oil suppliers in India. We make it sure that our product goes through various checks and meets the wide requirements of our clientele. This bio oil is used in multifarious industry applications like compressors, turbines, hydraulics, gears, spindles, journal bearings etc.

The lubricating oil we manufacture offer a plethora of advantages that normal mineral oil simply cannot produce. Be it any kind of critical condition, our product works best to ensure reliable functions whether for your compressor or for gears and bearings. Even under serious operating conditions like different temperature ranges, loads and pressure, recurrent starts and stops, our product acts as the best stimulus and make it certain that your machineries work in the desired way.